Portland, OR Restaurant Inspections

Making the Grade: Restaurant Inspections

How have Portland, Oregon restaurants fared since 2014?

Every restaurant in Portland receives at least two unannounced visits from Multnomah County health inspectors a year. Restaurants receive citations for everything from the seemingly mundane lack of an asterick next to steaks on the menu, notifying customers that they are "cooked to order," to the more egregious "cooked pig intestines hanging over sinks." While the majority of restaurants received high marks, the ones that didn't might suprise you.

A 90-100 score
B 80-89 score
C 70-79 score
Latest inspection scores. Locations are approximate. Does not include food carts as they are inspected, but not scored.

The vast majority of restaurants received high marks

Inspections per week. Below 70, 70-79, 80-89, 90-100, Reinspections not scored

Nine restaurants have failed since 2014, but went on to pass during reinspection

Fujin Restaurant

3549 SE Hawthorne
Failing score 0
Latest score 84

Wongs King Seafood Restaurant

8733 SE Division Ste 101
Failing score 53
Latest score 97

Reos Ribs

6141 Southwest Macadam, Suite 100
Failing score 54
Latest score 89

Boxer Ramen

1025 Southwest Stark Street
Failing score 59
Latest score 100

Trio Club

909 East Burnside
Failing score 62
Latest score 87

Spielman Coffee Roasters

2128 SE Division St
Failing score 63
Latest score 100

Yummy Seafood Restaurant

2745 Southeast 82nd Avenue
Failing score 63
Latest score 100

Olympic Provisions

107 Southeast Washington Street Suite 132
Failing score 65
Latest score 97

Nicks Famous Coney Island

3746 Southeast Hawthorne
Failing score 66
Latest score 82
Copyright © 2015 Justin Palmer. Restauraunt inspection data was compiled through the city of Portland's Civic App API. You can find the raw data and tools used on GitHub.